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Kentucky – Indiana Probate Court Lawyers Guide You Through

The death of a loved one can be overwhelming. People often wonder what the next step is, and the one after that, as well. Our probate lawyers can guide you through the probate process.

Probate – A Court Process

Probate is the process of transferring a deceased person’s assets to the beneficiary and closing the estate of the deceased. Probate involves a court procedure and a series of legal requirements that must be satisfied before an inheritance can pass to the beneficiary.

How complicated a probate is depends on whether or not legal documents were put into place prior to the death stating the deceased’s wishes and naming an executor. The outcome of the inheritance and to whom it goes depends on if there was a will, and if so, the validity of the will.  The beneficiary designations on life insurance and retirement plans, and the laws of the state. There are other court procedures and legal requirements before the deceased person’s wishes can be carried out.

Blended Families Often Create Unwanted Probate Surprises

Many people are surprised to discover that a surviving spouse does not necessarily inherit all of the deceased spouse’s property. If a person with children remarries after a divorce, or after the death of a previous spouse, this creates a blended family. If a proper plan is not in place, a portion of the estate passes to the deceased’s children. If the deceased spouse’s child is a minor, the problem is compounded. A probate court may appoint a guardian to manage the minor child’s inheritance.  Quite often this is a person with an acrimonious relationship with the new blended family. Can you imagine owning a house with a minor child whose inheritance is controlled by the decedent’s ex-spouse? It is important to have a plan in place so such surprises can be avoided.

Probate and Estate Administration

Estate administration involves settling a person’s financial affairs after death and making sure that a deceased person’s assets pass to the proper beneficiary. It is particularly difficult after losing a loved one to have to sort through the deceased person’s debts, change titles to assets, and make distributions to the beneficiary. That’s why it is comforting to have the assistance of an estate administration attorney. We can help take the load off the person who is in charge of settling an estate.

Indiana – Kentucky Probate Law

Estate administration involves settling a person’s financial affairs after death and transferring title to the assets. Many people have never been to court before they become involved with probate procedures. We can guide you through this process to make sure that all probate court requirements are met.

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